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Entry #2

Battle Royale

2007-08-14 01:50:41 by Cole

I loved this book. Even after two years, it remains my number one of all time. Recently, I purchased the subtitled Japanese movie. I realize most people have only seen the movie and think that it is the pinnacle of awesomeness. It is not. While it truly rules, the book is so amazingly much better. You know how they just made the random law in modern day Japan? Ya...Japan won WWII in the book. The government was so much more...evil. The freedom fighters had so much more of a purpose...still ruled though. NEW FAVORITE MOVIE!!


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2007-08-14 03:30:33

Yeah, I've heard of that.

Never seen it, though.

Cole responds:

it rules


2007-08-24 23:25:42

i saw the movie but reading is just fag.


2007-08-30 02:54:15

fuck you


2008-01-26 04:01:43

I read the book and shit.

I've read it about three times because it's so awesome.

I love the narration of how each person is killed.


2010-06-16 05:02:45

manga series was better gay boy